Tips to Measure the Skin Tan Product for Better Result

Melanotan is the perfect replacement for sun exposure for people who want skin tanning. It is an artificial supplement which the scientist makes it based on the melanin hormone in the human body. It helps to stimulate the immune system, secretion of melanin hormone to make skin tanner. People prefer to use it to avoid exposure to UV rays, protect the skin damage by providing deep pigmentation, and give an excellent result in less than two months.

You can get this product online, and they are available in different forms like injections, powder, and nasal spray, but most people prefer to use it as a tanning injection and powder. While using the powder, you need to mix well with the filtered water, store in the refrigerator overnight and use it. It is advisable to freeze the powder and use it when you need it.

The melanotan dosage is most important, as over usage of it may lead to symptoms like dizziness, nausea, and bloating in people. For optimal accuracy, you can make use of the dosage calculator to find the mixing and dosing easily. These calculators are much useful to find the dosage depending on the skin type and help to identify the exact ratio. The starting dosage of tanning injection is 0.3mg for the first phase, and for regular use, you can take 0.5mg until you get the expected skin tone and tan. Use the needle syringes only once, and it comes with pre-load accurate measurement, and often it is painless.

They recommend this ratio based on the body weight, skin type, and other medical conditions. They differentiate the skin types as very fair skin, fair skin, medium, olive, and brown skin. These products are much more durable, and there is no issue in shipping and use during summer. You can expect the result in less than 3 weeks and the melanotan tan will last for a longer duration when comparing to other fake tan products.

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