rocol wire dressing

Finding the best equipment for your industry

Most of the industrial firms find it difficult to catch the clients who would provide the best products that will match with the time and last long. Due to the rigorous process involved, every firm needs strong and tough products. There are very few firms that provide consistent tools and equipment that will be useful in many ways. OTOM Services is one of the most trusted and well-established oil equipment suppliers which focuses on delivering the best tools all over the world in various areas like oilfield, marine, petrochemical, and others. The customers range from all the areas such as drilling and production. rocol wire dressing is one of the products that is used extensively. The following are some of the features of it;

  • Excellent internal and external lubrication.
  • It protects against wear on guides and sheaves.
  • It has outstanding internal and external corrosion protection.
  • It is suitable for all non-friction drive wire ropes.
  • Resistant to seawater.
  • Also approved to NATO and Naval Standards.
  • Temperature range -30 to +100ºC.

The Rocol wire dressing is the safest product that can protect against the wear on guides and sheaves. These products can also be used for non-friction ropes.

For all the new firms, the company provides high-quality products that can be used anytime. It only creates safety for the workers and enhances the working environment. These products also ensure control through extreme pressure, give extreme corrosion protection, ideal for use in both hottest and coldest climates, and are used in versatile conditions. Visit the website to know more about the industrial equipment that is on sale.

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