Overlook of COVID-19

Overlook of COVID-19:

Covid-19 is also called corona virus disease 2019 caused by a virus that belongs to the family of SARS-COV – 2. This Coved -19 was first identified in Wuhan, China in December 2019. This Virus will affect the lungs first and it will create a severe acute respiratory syndrome. The corona outbreak 2019 was declared by world health organization a public health emergency of international concern on 30 January. Later it started to spread across the world. As of now many countries are affected and the death rate is increasing day by day. Over millions of people get infected by this deadly disease and the cases of Coved- 19 have been reported in 187 countries.

Symptoms of Covid-19:

The people who get infected by the virus will have a dry cough, fever, and tiredness. The indication is mild in the beginning stage. Around 1 out of every 10 people only a few get infected and become seriously ill. In those few cases of COVID-19 the mortality rate is about 1%. So, from this we can note that not all the people who get infected by the corona virus will lead to death. People with mild symptoms can also transmit the virus.

Overlook of COVID-19

Preventive measures:

  • Our Indian Government advised the people to take some preventive measures to keep away us from the virus. Here some of the measures are listed below:
  • People are advised to wash their hands regularly for 20 seconds with hand wash or sanitizers. Especially after using the toilet.
  • Each and everyone should maintain social distancing. It is also called as physical distancing intends to reduce the spread of the virus by avoiding close contact with the people.
  • People are recommended to wear a face mask or surgical mask to prevent them from the COVID-19. We can also prevent this disease by consuming vitamin c rich foods.

The impacts of COVID-19:

The corona outbreak 2019 has created a very deep impact on the global health crisis. Due to the spread of this disease it leads to down in the recession across the globe and many people and employees are going to lose their jobs. In some of the countries people are advised to stay inside their homes to avoid the spread of the disease. The viral spread of the disease has affected the educational system worldwide by closing schools, colleges, and universities.

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