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Custom awards -To give them the appreciation they deserve

Be it schools, offices, clubs, or businesses, the best way to recognize the people for their efforts and hard work is by giving them the recognition they deserve. And what better way than awarding them before their community. Custom Awards are one such way to show your appreciation to these individuals.

You can award the person depending on their achievement, by giving them small badges to big trophies. These awards can be made of silver or a little gold, it all depends on how essential their contributions are. Moreover, you can put in your logo, or a message meant for the receiver, or just their name too.

Different Materials and Different Types

Custom Awards are made of various materials, from metals to glass, plastics to stones, and even marbles and crystals. They also come in varying shapes and sizes. The awards you are giving out mostly depend on your budget and the period within which you want it made. If there is enough time, large and skillfully crafted awards are also available.

Trophy Maker

Metal awards mostly come out as handsome and high-class and are available in various shapes. Although the costs can be a bit high and making hand-made casts can be time-consuming. But within this, there’s a wide range of metals – from steel to gold- for organizations to choose from.

Custom glass and plastic awards are quite popular; they are inexpensive, easy to make, and readily available. They can also be attractive, and if you add a bit of a colorful tint to it, they are sure to catch anyone’s eye. Acrylic, a mix of glass and plastic, also is becoming popular in recent days. It is clearer than glass and can be made of any colors and shapes. Acrylic is quite flexible and can also be used with wood or metal to produce various designs.

Who should you give them to

Organizations award individuals based on their unique abilities and contributions. For instance, for a hardworking salaryman, the company can gift them with customized awards that look like a cool laptop with the person’s name on the monitor. Give away star shaped trophies to your star salesman. If you want to award the winner in a charity sports event, give them an Olympic themed prize with a metal sheath on a wooden base. You can recognize the small efforts of volunteers, by gifting them customized badges.

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