How long does durian last?

These are the fruits that most people dare not to eat or even come close to them. Because it has a very pungent smell. But who can accept the smell of it then they will be rewarded with creamy and sweet meat inside it. It is the most popular fruit of Asia but it is very tough to store durian. If you are also facing a durian storing problem then you can order durian puff online and then finish it as soon as possible. So that you will able o enjoy the only fresh and juicy fruit.


A whole durian that is uncut will last up to a month at room temperature but their shelf life can be shortened if the room temperature is hot. The warm temperature will cause the durian puff to ripen quickly which causes the fruit to crack open. But when it opens then the durian will usually go bad within few days.

If you are not planning to eat then keep the fruit away from the direct sunlight to prevent it from ripening. You should have to keep them is in a cool and dry place like any pantry.

Durian is one of those fruits which go bad quickly once it is exposed to air. You can eat all of it right away or put them in the fridge. The frozen durian will last up to about 2 months in the freezer but after 2 months the quality of the fruit will start decreasing.

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