Watch Emotional Action Movie ‘100’ Online at Aha Experience the Excitement 100 times

Watch Emotional Action Movie ‘100’ Online at Aha: Experience the Excitement 100 times

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Satya is an honest and young SI in the police department and dreams and wants to be a top police officer. His senior advises him. With that motivation, he works on a mission

against criminals. Is he did the best job or not …this forms the rest of the plot.


Watch the action and emotional entertainer ‘100’ movie online at Aha.


Cast and Crew


Runtime: 2 Hours 21 Minutes

Released: 10-05-2019

Genre: Action, Drama

Actor: AtharvaaMurali

Actress: HansikaMotwani

Other characters: Vignesh, Jackson

Director: Sam Anton

Producer: Kaviya Mahesh

Music director: Sam C. S.


Artistes’ Performances:

  • Atharvaa played the perfect role as a brave cop.
  • His dialogue delivery is more natural.
  • His body language is outstanding.
  • His expressions and facial emotions reach the audience.
  • He proved that he could do all genres with ease.
  • Yogi Babu’s fun and his comedy have made the audience laugh well.
  • ErumaSaani Vijay and Harija had done their part well.
  • Hansika did her job in the film.

Technical Aspects

  • Script is another success factor of the movie
  • Screenplay is perfect
  • BGM is good
  • Cinematography is good

Overall Analysis:

Sathya (Atharvaa) attends and passes the examination of police recruitment. He gets posted as Emergency Call Operator in the police control room. His job is receiving emergency phone calls from the public and solving them. But he dreams and wants to be a top officer in the crime investigation. The 100th call that he received changed his life and job responsibilities. Who made this 1ooth call? Did he meet his dream as a top officer or not… is forming the rest of the movie story.Watch action movies online today on Aha OTT!

The action and emotional sequences, messages along the story are creating thrilling experiences for the audiences to watch the 100 movie.


Why you should watch 100 movie:

Keeping the action, emotional scenes, and entertainment aside, the movie has a proper social message oriented story. Director captured the audience’s pulse. Solid story on current issues in the society, performance of actor, emotional scenes and social message, exciting interval block, BGM, and cinematography are making this movie a must-watch.

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