Review of AthadeSrimannarayana

Tollywood Film Industry is a house of entertainment for every audience belonging to a different generation. The audiences that are interested in a bit of intelligent cinema are the fans of Telugu movies. Every piece that comes from this industry has a different mindset which gives the reasons to people fully enjoy it. The Films from this regional industry have shown a good combination of fantasy stories, antagonists, great work of actors headed by talented makers. You can stream and watch Telugu latest movies online through the OTT platform Aha where you can find all the latest movies and shows and watch them by making a subscription. AthadeSrimannarayana is a treat to watch for fantasy movie lovers, and the film is unique in its style, which is something new you might find in the recent trends of movies.


The movie is about a missing treasure in Amravati, Karnataka, and features RakshitShetty and ShanviSrivastava in lead roles. The film shows all about the hidden gem, which is lost. A tribe called Adheeras is after the treasure, but they cannot find it. Fifteen years pass by, and a fancy cop Srimanarayana(Rakshit Shetty), comes into the picture and tries to trace the treasure. The main plot of the movie is made very interesting by its characters. The actors have performed very well. Rakshit Shetty as Srimannarayana in many places does resemble and reminds you of Jack Sparrow), Balaji Manohar, Achyuth Kumar, Pramod Shetty, and Shanvi Srivastava (as Lakshmi). The movie narration style is different as compared to other movies. The time slot of the movie may seem to you a bit longer. The unexpected twists and puzzles in the film successfully create the interest of the audience. The story will force you to think from every angle. The fictional places shown in the movie are visualized beautifully and in a convincing way. The action scenes of the movie are power-packed. Overall movie is quite entertaining with good cinematography, perfect debut direction by Sachin Ravi, impactful visual effects, and good music.


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